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PRINTABLE TIPS - Station Stickers

To print and cut stickers at home successfully here are all my tips and supplies! I have linked all the items to my Amazon Affiliate store. 


For matte stickers and premium matte stickers, you can purchase a great inkjet printer and pay for ink as you use it. Here is the linked to the printer I use. It cost about $150. If you print more and would like to sign up for the instant ink program you use my referral link for an extra free month of printing. You pay a month set fee to print a certain amount and they send you ink when you run out. Its a great program!

For glossy stickers, you can purchase a high quality printer linked here. The previous printer quality/contrast is not good on glossy paper. This printer is more expensive but the quality if amazing and it also allows you to adjust the ink output more. There is a rebate every once in a while so it makes the printer cheaper overall. Just remember the cost of ink will add up quickly!

For clear stickers, I recommend the printer linked here as it is a front feeding printer. You can purchase a more expensive one but I liked this one the best after foiling stickers for over 4 years. If it moves around too much then you can use washi tape to keep it stable


There are lots of paper types to choose from. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. I purchase directly from the website online labels but if you prefer Amazon with slower quantities I linked some below. Double check the title as listings can change. 

Removable matte paper is my favorite as I can adjust the stickers in my planner. The one we use is no longer available but the one linked here is very close!

Premium matte paper feels lovely but it is permanent (link). You would have to use undo to move the stickers around once placed for some time. It is also a bit difficult to cut and causes dust so keep that in mind. 

Glossy paper prints lovely but is difficult to write on with all pens. I linked the one we use in the shop. 

Clear paper works with the laser printer to make our clear scripts. Linked here if you prefer to shop on Amazon.  


We use a silhouette cameo 2 to cut but the newer editions are linked here to print and cut stickers. The machines have worked great the past 5 years. Our files are made to use with this program.

Instead of using the original cutting mats we actually prefer the cricut ones because they seem to last longer. I will link them here. 

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