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Our Story

Station Stickers is the original creative and personalized solution for your planning needs. Our shop is committed to designing stickers that cater to all types of planning-styles! Whether you're an on-the-go student, working boss lady, warrior mom, or all of the above... our goal is to help your day run smoothly

Christy is the founder of StationStickers. She discovered the planning community in 2014 and began selling home-made stickers on Etsy. We launched the Station Stickers Club subscription towards the end of 2015, where we were one of the first shops to feature foil-accented stickers. Now in 2016, we've decided to branch out and sell on our own website. With a 5 star average on over 16K reviews on Etsy, we hope to bring the same level of customer satisfaction over to this new shop! 

All stickers are handmade in Chino Hills, California by our team. Don't worry, all of our stickers are still made in our home with the utmost care. As fellow stationery lovers, we understand how much attention we give to detail, so we try to make sure any sticker we pass along to you is up to par!